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Being involved in a hit and run can be extremely frustrating. You are trying to do the right thing by pulling over and ensuring the other driver is alright, and before you know it the operator has left the scene. This can be especially frustrating if you have sustained serious injuries yourself, and nobody is around to shoulder the blame.

If you are involved in a hit and run in Florida and have sustained injuries as a result, hiring a car hit and run lawyer can be the most important step you can take to assist your personal injury claim.

All of our attorneys have extensive experience with hit and run personal injury claims, and have a great deal of car accident injury experience in general.

Common causes of hit and runs

Most likely, a person who has performed a hit and run has left the scene of the crime because of legal implications. These legal implications are usually a result of a previous run in with the law, and the offender will receive additional penalties if they are caught. Here are the most common reasons an operator would hit you and leave the scene.

Invalid driver’s license

Previous driving penalties

Under the influence of alcohol

Drugs in the car

Warrant out for their arrest

No car insurance

Regardless of their reason for leaving the scene, an individual has a responsibility to stay at the scene of the crime. Hit and run is illegal in the state of Florida, and is subject to fines and jail time, depending on the severity.

A quick note on Florida’s “no-fault” insurance

In the state of Florida, proving a driver is at fault for an accident is not necessary unless an individual is taking legal action against another driver. This is due to Florida’s “no-fault” insurance laws, meaning each vehicle operator’s car insurance is responsible for compensating any damages to their client’s property, as well as any injuries.

However, if an individual sustains permanent, disfiguring, or debilitating injuries as a result of another person, they can seek additional compensation by filing a personal injury claim against that individual.

Statute of limitations for hit and run accidents

The standard statute of limitations for a car accident claim in the state of Florida is four years after the accident occurs. As with most statutes, there are exceptions to this rule dependent on factors like how long your injuries take to manifest, as well as the type of organization your are trying to claim is at fault (ex: government organizations).

Injuries that occur with hit and run accidents

The type of injuries sustained in hit and runs can vary, and depend on if the person injured was another motor vehicle driver, a motorcycle operator, or a pedestrian. The most common hit and run injuries we see at Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team are

Road rash


Broken extremities

Head trauma

Broken ribs

If you have sustained a serious injury from a hit and run, hiring a Florida hit and run lawyer to assist you is pursuing legal action against the guilty party can significantly increase the chances of proving your claim.

Hiring a hit and run lawyer

When choosing the right hit and run lawyer for you and your claim, the first thing you should look at is their practice area expertise. Hiring a lawyer that specializes in general personal injury may not be the best option for your hit and run claim, so ensuring the firm you choose has experience in this area is a major plus.

The next aspect you should check out when hiring a hit and run lawyer is reviews and testimonials about past cases. Previous customers are brutally honest, so why take the word of a law firm when you can get insight directly from the people who have worked with them?

The last thing you should do when hiring a hit and run lawyer is sit down for a consult. This is the final stage of the feeling out process, and can give you an idea of the plan of attack the law firm will pursue in regards to your claim.

What Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team can do for you

When you choose Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team to assist you in your hit and run claim, you are choosing an entire team of dedicated hit and run lawyers. All of our attorneys have extensive experience with hit and run personal injury claims, and have a great deal of car accident injury experience in general.

Our tested and tried legal process has proven effective time and time again, and we work day and night to get you the compensation you deserve. Through tireless legal research, careful claim preparation, and our knowledge of the Florida court system, our hit and run attorneys can produce the best results for your individual claim.

Contact one of our qualified car accident attorneys today to discuss your hit and run claim, and determine how Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team can assist you!

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