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In Florida, a motorcycle operator must follow the same laws as any other motor vehicle operator on the road. However, because a motorcycle operator is more exposed than a regular driver, the risk that comes with operating a motorcycle is greater.

Operators are not required to wear a helmet in the state of Florida, but wearing a helmet and other protective gear like gloves and glasses (legally required by Florida law) can significantly reduce your chance of serious injury. The state of Florida leads the nation in motorcycle fatalities, party due to the looser laws concerning protective equipment.

When we receive a claim, extensive research is conducted to obtain relevant documentation and evidence for your claim. We then fight for your compensation each step of the way.

What are motorcycles required to have in Florida?

To legally operate on a Florida road, motorcycles must have:

Stop lamp

a stop lamp signifies when an operator has the brake held in.


just like any motor vehicle, a motorcycle must have headlights to operate in low-light situations

Turn signals

the state of Florida requires motorcycles to have electric turn signals.

Who can be held liable if an injury occurs in a motorcycle accident?

Liability issues are different in Florida, and vary depending on the circumstances. Florida is a “no-fault” insurance state, meaning each individual involved in an accident must rely on their own insurance to cover their damage expenses.

However, additional coverage can be obtained if an individual was “seriously injured” and takes legal action against the guilty party. The term “seriously injured” means injuries that are permanent, scarring, or debilitating. This definition is vague, so negotiating a claim’s validity is common in a court of law.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in serious injury, and the other operator was at fault, you can seek additional compensation from the guilty party.

Statute of limitations to a personal injury claim

As with most vehicle accident claims, the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in Florida in four years. However, there are exceptions to this statute.

An injury took a significant amount of time to develop

Some injuries can take years to present themselves, and an extension can be given in this circumstance.

The defendant has moved out of the state of Florida

Before the lawsuit could be filed, the defendant has moved.

The defendant has taken steps to hide their identity

Some individuals will change information like their name, in order to stop the lawsuit from being completed.

There are many more circumstances where an extension can be granted, and each individual case is different. Consulting with a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your claim can be the best option for your case.

Injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents

Injuries associated with motorcycle accidents are usually more serious compared to regular car accidents. Because the motorcycle operator does not have the same protection that a vehicle operator has, the motorcycle operator usually has extensive injuries as a result. Here are the most common injuries we see with motorcycle accidents in Florida.

Head Injuries

Because it is not required for motorcycle operators over the age of 21 to wear a helmet, head trauma is extremely common.

Road rash

Road rash is caused from friction between someone’s skin, and the pavement. Operators not wearing the proper protective equipment are at extreme risk for road rash.


As mentioned, Florida ranks as the worst state for motorcycle fatalities. Far too often, death is the result of an operator involved in a motorcycle accident.

If you have been seriously injured, or a loved one has died as a result of a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. This depends on a variety of factors, and requires the skills of a professional motorcycle accident lawyer.

How Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team will fight for you

Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team has the knowledge to handle any motorcycle accident injury case, and has used their expertise to handle hundreds of personal injury claims. Our firm of dedicated motorcycle accident lawyers takes a hands-on approach to each case they handle, and will work tirelessly to build your case from the ground up.

When we receive a claim, extensive research is conducted to obtain relevant documentation and evidence for your claim. We then use our experience to properly package your claim for the Florida court system, and fight for your compensation each step of the way.

Contact one of our motorcycle accident attorneys today to discuss your case, and how Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team can assist you with your claim.

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