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Your go to law firm for auto-related accidents

Car Accidents

Our team of professional car accident attorneys have handled hundreds of car accident claims, and know what the Florida court system is looking for when it comes to presenting these claims.

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Bicycle Accidents

At Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team, our qualified team of bicycle accident attorneys have the know how to push your case through the Florida court system, and deliver the results you deserve. Our attorneys have handled every type of bicycle accident injury claim, and have expertise you can rely on.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team has the knowledge to handle any motorcycle accident injury case, and has used their expertise to handle hundreds of personal injury claims. Our firm of dedicated motorcycle accident lawyers takes a hands-on approach to each case they handle, and will work tirelessly to build your case from the ground up.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Because of “no-fault” insurance laws, proving your personal injury claim to the courts requires extensive legal expertise. Each one of our attorneys is equipped to professionally handle your personal injury claim. We dig deep to find the facts of your case, and package your claim in a way that is easy for the courts to understand.

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Hit and Run

Our tested and tried legal process has proven effective time and time again, and we work day and night to get you the compensation you deserve. Through tireless legal research, careful claim preparation, and our knowledge of the Florida court system, our hit and run attorneys can produce the best results for your individual claim.

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Whether you were the passenger of a drunk driver, or you were hit by a drunk driver while operating a motor vehicle, a serious injury as a result of a drunk driver is not your responsibility to cover.

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Truck Accidents

Being involved in a truck accident in the state of Florida is a serious situation, and can result in severe injuries to all involved. If you were involved in a truck accident that resulted in serious injury, and the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation for personal injury and property damages.

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Bus Accidents

If you are injured in a bus accident, Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team can provide you with the best legal representation in the state of Florida. Our experience fighting large bus companies puts us in a position to get the results you deserve, and we pride ourselves on getting our clients the appropriate compensation.

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