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Pedestrian accidents are extremely common in the state of Florida. So common, that in a 2016 study, Florida had the highest rate for pedestrian accidents. Since then, the amount of pedestrian accidents per year has only gone up. Nine out of the top twenty deadliest cities for pedestrians are in the state of Florida.

With all of these accidents, injury is bound to happen. If you are seriously injured in a pedestrian accident in the state of Florida, hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer can help you pursue legal action for your personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims are tricky in the state of Florida, so the need to hire a representative that knows their way around car accident laws becomes greater.

Why are pedestrian accidents so common in Florida?

The high rate of pedestrian accidents in Florida can be attributed to many different reasons. Because Florida is a highly populated state, most cities focus on efficiently moving drivers through to reduce traffic. While this is great for motor vehicles, the efficiency comes at the cost of safety for pedestrians.

Florida has a significant amount of multiple lane roads, where motor vehicles move at a high rate of speed. On these roads, the travel options for pedestrians is limited. When a pedestrian chooses to cross one of these roads, the risk of getting hit is extremely high. Other factors include the lack of reliable alternative transportation systems, like buses or trains, for pedestrians to choose from.

Pedestrian laws

Pedestrians are required to follow a strict set of laws when travelling the roads of Florida. These laws were put in place to protect pedestrians, as well as motor vehicle operators. Here are some pedestrian laws that are violated frequently in Florida, which can result in pedestrian injury.

Pedestrians cannot travel on a limited access facility (a highway or freeway)

Pedestrians cannot travel by road when a sidewalk is provided

Pedestrians have the right of way on a marked crosswalk (drivers must yield)

Hitchhiking (standing alongside a road to solicit a ride) is illegal in the state of Florida

Failure to adhere to these pedestrian laws can result in fines, as well as jail time in different cases. The degree of the penalty will usually be determined by factors like injury involved, and if the violator has a history of pedestrian violations.

The amount for a pedestrian violation without incident is only $15 for first time offenders, but the monetary fine is not what pedestrians and drivers should be concerned with. Violating one of these laws can result in serious injury to all involved, and can even lead to fatalities.

When is a driver held responsible?

In Florida, a driver can be held responsible if they are at fault for hitting a pedestrian, and the accident results in serious injury. If a personal injury claim is filed against the driver, they may be required to compensate the injured individual for.

Medical expenses

Lost wages


Pain and suffering

Funeral expenses (if death occurs)

If you believe you have a viable injury claim against another motor vehicle driver, consult with a pedestrian accident lawyer to discuss your claim. Personal injury claims are tricky in the state of Florida, so the need to hire a representative that knows their way around car accident laws becomes greater.

Types of injuries common with pedestrian accidents

Because pedestrian accidents involve a very heavy motor vehicle striking a defenseless individual, the result is often serious injury. The type of injury that can result from pedestrian accidents is an endless possibility, but we do see some common injuries. Here are the most common injuries associated with pedestrian accidents.

Head trauma

Spinal cord injuries

Broken extremities

Broken ribs


Because the state of Florida is a “no-fault” insurance state, only injuries defined as serious injuries can result in legal actions. “Serious injuries” are described as permanent, disfiguring, or debilitating injuries to an individual. Because the term is vague, some negotiation in the courts is required to determine if your claim is legitimate.

How Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team will fight for you

Because of “no-fault” insurance laws, proving your personal injury claim to the courts requires extensive legal expertise. Each one of our attorneys is equipped to professionally handle your personal injury claim. We dig deep to find the facts of your case, and package your claim in a way that is easy for the courts to understand.

Fighting the court system by yourself is a daunting task, so having someone by your side can be a great relief. Our firm of dedicated car accident attorneys have handled hundreds of car accident claims, and our proven track record speaks for itself.

Get in contact with one of our pedestrian accident attorneys today to discuss your claim, and the first legal steps you can take to get the compensation you deserve.

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