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Being involved in a truck accident in the state of Florida is a serious situation, and can result in severe injuries to all involved. If you were involved in a truck accident that resulted in serious injury, and the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation for personal injury and property damages.

Before you pursue legal action against commercial truck company, here are a few things you should read up on.

We gather every shred of evidence, to ensure that the courts receive the full picture of your claim, and have everything they need to know in order to successfully prove your claim.

What typically causes truck accidents?

Truck accidents can happen due to a variety of different circumstances. Some truck accidents happen just like any other car accident, while some accidents are specific to commercial trucks. The most common accidents we see involving commercial trucks are a result of:

Operator error

As with any car accident, operator error is the most common cause of a commercial truck accident. However, commercial truck drivers are expected to drive responsibly, as they are considered professionals at driving their sizable trucks.

Operator Impairment

Many people choose to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and truck drivers are no exception. Commercial truck drivers work long hours and travel hundreds of miles in a day, leaving them prone to the use of alcohol and drugs as a way of staying awake longer.

Improper cargo security

If the cargo of a commercial truck is not strapped down properly, it may fly off during transport. This type of accident does not leave the affected driver much time to react, and can lead to serious injury. In some rare cases, the entire truck trailer has detached from the commercial truck. Proper inspection from the companies and commercial truck drivers can minimize the risk of this type of accident.

Who is typically held responsible for truck accidents in Florida?

Because the state of Florida is a “no-fault” insurance state, an individual’s car insurance is responsible for their own damages/bills accrued in an accident. However, if the accident results in serious injury, the injured individual can seek additional compensation through a personal injury claim against the party at fault.

This pertains to commercial trucks especially, because the injuries associated with commercial truck accidents are usually more severe than that of regular compact cars.

Common injuries in commercial truck accidents

As mentioned, commercial truck accidents usually result in more severe injuries. This has to do with the weight of large commercial trucks, and the momentum they carry. Here are the most common injuries we see with commercial truck accidents.

Head trauma

Head trauma varies in severity, and can lead to permanent disabilities. Any form of head injury should be inspected by a medical professional.

Broken extremities

When individuals brace for impact, they stiffen their extremities. When a significant impact meets these extremities, a bone is likely to break.


Because of the sheer force a commercial truck carries, it is not uncommon for a commercial truck accident to result in death. However, an individual’s loved one’s can still pursue legal action against the person at fault.

Steps to take when involved in a truck accident

Stay at the scene

Make it easy for law enforcement and medical assistance to identify you. Distance yourself from the area where you crashed to avoid possible injuries from a fire, but remain within eyesight so the appropriate authorities can find you.

Document the crash

If you can, take pictures of the scene. If you have physical injuries, document them as well. This can significantly help build your claim in the future.

Seek medical attention

If you find yourself with injuries, immediately seek medical attention. Even at the sake of losing documentation, you should never delay you medical treatment if it is required.

Find legal assistance for your claim

Hiring a car accident lawyer can be the first major step in receiving compensation from the guilty party. Fighting the legal team of a large transportation company requires extensive legal knowledge, and pursuing legal action alone is not advised. When hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should look for a firm that has experience with truck accidents, and has a proven track record.

How Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team will fight for you

We gather every shred of evidence, to ensure that the courts receive the full picture of your claim, and have everything they need to know in order to successfully prove your claim.

At Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team, we rely on our extensive truck accident injury experience to build a successful case. However, we understand that no single claim is the same, and take an approach that is specifically relevant to each case.

Contact one of our car accident attorneys to discreetly discuss your personal injury lawsuit, and how Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team can help get the most out of your claim!

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