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Around six million car accidents occur in the United States every year on average. Of these six million, around half of the accidents result in an injury of one of the individuals involved. Hiring a lawyer when you are involved in a car accident can help improve your claim, and mitigate the hassle of dealing with insurance companies/medical bills.

We are experts at handling cases involving auto accidents. From the moment you submit your claim, our group of dedicated car accident lawyers will gather the evidence, and fight to protect your legal rights. If you feel you may have a case worth pursuing, give one of our expert attorneys a call, our fill out the contact form on our website.

Hiring an auto accident attorney can significantly improve the chances of proving your claim, and affect the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Types of auto accident claims

With so many auto accident clients served, Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team has seen it all. That being said, each individual case is different, and a tailored approach is taken to building each auto accident claim. These are the most common types of claims we see.

Commercial truck accidents

Commercial truck accidents are on of the most sever accidents you can be involved in. Based on the sheer size of the trucks, the injuries you are likely to sustain are often more severe. Large transportation companies have teams of lawyers on retainer to defend their drivers, so fighting one of these companies on your own can be a daunting task.

Passenger injury

Often times, when a passenger is injured, they will decline to pursue legal action because a friend is behind the wheel. However, most people do not realize that it is the insurance company that will be paying the bill.

Unsafe driving conditions

One of the most common causes of auto accidents is unsafe roads/conditions. In the winter, the presence of ice results in a spike in the number of auto accidents. When it rains and visibility is low, you are at more risk of being in an accident. If possible, drivers should wait until conditions become more favorable to get back on the road.

Distracted driving

You’ve seen the “Don’t Text While Driving” billboards, and they are there for good reason. Drivers looking at their phones is another extremely common cause of auto accidents, and is completely avoidable. However, distracted driving is not just limited to cell phones. Changing the radio station, eating, and many other actions fall under distracted driving.

Auto accident injuries

As mentioned, around three million people are injured in auto accidents in the United States every year. Of those injured, the types of injuries that occur are all over the spectrum. From minor injuries to fatalities, most people will end up with a medical bill from an ambulance or a hospital.

The obligation to pay this bill (and others) should fall on the guilty party, not the person innocently injured. At Florida Car Accident Lawyers Group, this is what fight for every day. On the list below is the most common types of injuries we see as a result of auto accidents.

Head injuries

Head injuries vary greatly in severity, depending on the type of auto accident you are involved in. Some people are lucky enough to escape with minor cuts/bruises, some have concussions, and some sustain more serious brain injuries that can lead to nerve damage. No matter the severity, a head injury should always be checked out by a medical professional.


Whiplash is one of the most common auto accident injuries. This happens when you are moving forward, and you are abruptly stopped by an object. This abrupt stop causes your head to have a whipping effect, which can lead to damage of the muscles in your neck, and even damage to the spinal cord.


As dark as the matter is, auto accidents often result in the death of an individual. The last thing family members should have to do is worry about the medical bills of their loved ones, and how they are going to continue financially. These claims hit home for the lawyers at Florida Car Accident Lawyers Group, and we do everything in our power to make sure you are compensated for the death of a loved one.

Do you need to contact a car accident lawyer?

Contacting a lawyer when you are involved in an auto accident can provide you the justice you deserve. If the other party involved has hired a lawyer, you should not attempt to fight the case alone! Lawyers can navigate the court system, and are well versed in the laws of auto accidents.

Hiring an auto accident attorney can significantly improve the chances of proving your claim, and affect the amount of compensation you are entitled to. At Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team, we sympathize with those who are involved in auto accidents, and are just trying to make things right.

Contact one of our dedicated car accident attorneys today to discuss your claim, and find out how Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team can help get you the settlement you deserve!

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