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Can Pedestrians Be Blamed for Car Accidents?

Car accidents happen every day, and we tend to think of collisions between two vehicles. But accidents happen in a variety of ways, from hitting an object to situations involving pedestrians. So you might wonder, can pedestrians be blamed for car accidents? After all, they have the right of way…right? Figuring out who to blame for a car accident isn’t black and white, and yes, pedestrians can be at fault. Let’s look at how this happens.

Is There a Time Limit to Make Car Accident Injury Claims?

You’re making headway in your list of daily errands, driving to the grocery store and crash. Another driver runs a red light and smashes into the side of your car. Not only is your car damaged, but you’ve been injured. 

Car accidents happen virtually every minute of the day, and they’re hard on everyone involved. If you’re injured in a car accident because of another driver, you’ll have to deal with insurance, recovery and financial burdens, but what about legal action? 

It might be necessary to file a lawsuit to cover medical expenses, long-term care or loss of wages, but there’s a time limit to make car accident injury claims. We’ll cover this and the steps to take to secure financial compensation.