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How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer in Florida

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How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer in Florida

Regardless of the scale, getting involved in a car accident puts you through severe trauma, physical, mental, psychological, and financial. Since Florida is a no-fault insurance state, you’ll carry the responsibility for all expenses, whether they’re medical or automotive. While you’re recovering from the incident’s effects, it is understandable if you’re not in the best mental state for detailed communications with the insurance company. Yet, this is necessary if you want to benefit from compensation.

Retain the services of a competent car accident lawyer in Florida to make sure you get the appropriate compensation. If you’re not quite sure how to choose the right professionals, here’s what to look for:

Experience in Handling Similar Cases

Do some research into the past cases the attorney has handled and check their track record for successful outcomes. If the law firm has won awards and accolades from peers, you’ll know that they’re the right people to hire. You can also ask for references that you can contact. Not only should the attorney be open to providing contact information, but past clients should have only good things to say about their experiences working with the firm. 

Specialization in Handling Personal Injury Lawsuits

You’ll need lawyers who are well-versed in handling personal injury lawsuits and can effectively argue cases in court before a jury panel. Find out whether they’ve handled other cases with similar specifics. People involved in a motorcycle accident can benefit from a team experienced with other motorcycle accidents. If you’re considering a law firm, chances are higher that they have a team of attorneys who specialize in your particular category of cases. 


At the same time, they might be able to help you with end-to-end services since they’re knowledgeable about other facets of the law. These spheres may include medical malpractice, psychological injuries, insurance terminology and possible loopholes, and more. 

Ability to Answer Your Questions

When you’re looking for legal representation, you’ll have questions about how the attorney will help. They should be forthcoming with solutions about how to handle the issue, the motions they’ll file, and the estimated fees and costs. By the time you leave their office, you should have a clear overview of what to expect through every step of the process. If you come away feeling confident in the attorney’s abilities and insights, that’s the right person to hire. 

Resources to Handle Insurance Cases

Car accident lawyers in Florida may have to do all the necessary legwork for gathering the required evidence to prove claims. These processes may include getting reports from the initial law enforcement officers on the scene and interviewing witnesses. Your attorney may also have to get estimates from the car repair workshop and interact with medical professionals for an accurate assessment of your injuries. Compensation must also include loss of wages and include consideration of any pain and suffering.

All of this information will help in evaluating the final insurance claim. Your attorney should invest the time and resources before they can get paid for their efforts. Typically, car accident lawyers in Florida are paid on a contingency basis. In other words, the payment is around 25% to 33% of the claim won by the client. Accordingly, if you’re awarded a $90,000 reimbursement, the attorney assisting you will get a $30,000 fee. Depending on the facts of the case, your legal representation can also get up to 40% of the claim. 


And, that brings us to the next factor to consider when choosing the best car accident lawyers in Florida. At the time of finalizing your contract, the attorney should give you accurate information about the clauses in the agreement. You should also know precisely how the overhead costs will be handled, inclusive of litigation fees, upfront court fees, and any other charges. 


Having the right attorneys representing you in a car accident can make a huge difference in how you are able to move forward after the incident. So, choose your law firm carefully. 


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